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2018 Keynote Speaker 


Tammy became a familiar voice on Christian Radio in the mid-90s with songs that brought life and hope to many, but on September 11th, 2001, her songs ceased for a time. Tammy stepped away from the spotlight to heal after the tragic death of her husband and childhood sweetheart while on a missions trip.


One year later she returned as a featured speaker and performer at the Extraordinary Women’s conference and was also asked to share the Women of Faith platform.  She also became a speaker, singer and author for The Revolve Tour for teen girls for 2 years. In addition, she has also authored three books.  Her personal story of tragedy, restoration, healing and hope has crossed over generational lines and her music has inspired all ages, bringing strength and renewed joy.


Tammy’s ministry has taken her all over the world, speaking at women’s conferences, church events, and retreats.  She is a gifted communicator who draws her audience close with her contagious humor and fun, energetic personality and yet the sincerity of her heart and wisdom of life experience is woven through the very words she speaks. Tammy says, “One of my greatest privileges on this journey of hope and healing is to be able to speak into someone’s life who feels hopeless and numb. I’ve been there too, and one thing I’ve learned is that we can never interpret our numbness as God’s absence in our lives”.

Tammy Trent